Erasmus+ mobility for studies: call for applications for the summer semester 2016/2017

We are calling all our students willing to participate in Erasmus+ programme in the summer semester of this (2016/2017) academic year. The call is open until Friday, Oct. 21 3.00pm. You can choose from the variety of our partner universities or suggest a university of your choice so we can attempt to establish a new partnership for you. You can find more information at the website of our Erasmus office: (in Polish) or email the departmental coordinator. Let us remind you that every student at each level of studies (BA, MA) is eligible to spend total of 12 months on mobility, including mobility for studies and training. This call concerns only 5 months during the second semester of this year.

The call for applications for training is ongoing.

In order to apply for the mobility for studies, please email the coordinator and include:

  1. Your name and the year, level and (if applicable) specialization of the studies.
  2. The name of the hosting university.
  3. Attach a cover letter. Your motivation is a very important criterion!
  4. Make sure nothing is missing. The criteria for qualification are closely evaluated and will affect your ranking position:
    1. Your academic performance;
    2. Your language skills (you will be invited for an interview);
    3. Your motivation and involvement (if any) in Erasmus programme at the University of Opole.
    4. Your previous mobilities (new to the programme are preferred).

The ranking list will be sent to the Erasmus office on Friday, and the interviews will be scheduled later. Please, check the qualification criteria at the hosting university, including the deadlines. This is an additional round of applications for the summer semester only. Observe the dates and conditions of qualification at the university you want go to to.