Approaching the final assignments

It is high time we selected our final assignments’ topics. The list of our propositions of theorists is here.

  1. Please, select one for you (individually). I will leave you a book to scan the short original excerpts from these theorists so you can scan or copy it to get started with your work.
  2. In the next step you will be supposed to get to know the author better (using library and textbooks).
  3. The following step would be to select a current topic (if you don’t know what topic – browse for example: Discover Society) that can be explained using the concept from the point 1.
  4. Your analysis will follow – and that would be your final presentation or/and a paper.

Note that only point 1 is obligatory before the next week (Dec 1).

For the next week (Dec 1), please, read also: one chapter from History and Theory in Anthropology by Alan Barnard the chapter: 5. Functionalism and structural-functionalism. We will follow up on the lectures.